Tyrolean Restaurant Culture

Modern interpretations of traditional regional cuisine is our restaurant theme. Regional dishes and local specialties change according to the season throughout the year.

Example dishes from our menu:

Starters Soups Salads
Venison and chanterelle aspic with black walnuts and wild herb salad with walnut dressing Bouillon with sliced crêpe or cheese dumplings Creamy Windau sheep cheese wrapped in fried bacon on a mixed salad with toasted pumpkin seeds. Served with freshly baked farm bread.
Soft boiled egg breaded and deep-fried, served on creamed spinach with smoked tuna Consommé with spleen crostini King prawns grilled in garlic served on a green salad
Fish Pasta Local Specialities
Médaillon of hake on red bell pepper foam with roasted leek roulade Potato dumplings stuffed with spinach, served with brown butter, parmesan cheese and a green salad Roast pork and potatoes with vegetables and cabbage salad
Pikeperch Saltimboca (fried with prosciutto and sage) with chanterelle risotto Taglioline in cream with chanterelle and spinach Chanterelle stew with bread dumpling and mixed salad
Fried Veal, Pork & Turkey Grilled & Roasted Sweet
Wiener Schnitzel (Viennese-style breaded and fried escalope of veal) with
parsley potatoes, mixed salad and lingonberry compote
Pork chop in a mustard crust with dark beer sauce served with thyme-potatoes and warm cabbage salad Huckleberry dumplings with vanilla ice cream
Fried liver with tartare sauce, potatoes and mixed salad Grilled turkey steaks in a green chili and coconut curry sauce with basmati rice and fried leek Imperial pancake with raisins and apple sauce