Visiting our suppliers ...

To see the quality of the products with our own eyes, we visit our suppliers regulary. We made some nice clips about our visits for you to watch!

Culinary region Austria

Our main focus is always on the high quality of the products we use. All products we use are from local farmes and companies. We think excellent cooked food is based on excellent products.

A small pullout from our local suppliers you can find here:

Vegetable, tomatoes, potatoes and seasonal products Gärtnerei Tauber, Wattens
Fresh farm eggs Kruckenhaus Bauer, Breitenbach
Cheese, Sheep cheese and yoghurt, lamb, mutton and pork Kammerlander Johannes, Fasslbauer, Windau/Westendorf
Bullock, Veal Eggerhäusl Bauer, Breitenbach
Fawn Andreas Lanzinger, Grotterbauer, Breitenbach
Goose, duck, chicken Fam. Kuenz/Dölsach
Game Region Langkampfen von Gerhard Dindl, Angerberg
Bread and pastry Bäckerei Margreiter, Breitenbach
Local Fish Hans Abart, Fischzüchter, Langkampfen
Distillates Kronbühelhof, Fam. Höck, Schwoich/Tirol
Beer Zillertaler Bierbrauerei, Zell am Ziller

Lovers of good wine, too, will certainly find something from our cellars to please their palates. Top Austrian vintners are represented by their latest wines with a couple of genuine rarities among them. And of course, we also have a considerable selection of international wines.

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